We HELP with Retirement Futures!

Retirement is not easy!

We want to let you know to check back here often for informational articles that will help you prepare for your future! We often use a quote by Warren Buffet when referring to retirement that goes like this, “There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that like to make easy things difficult.”  By allowing us to help you chose the correct path for retirement, you could live a much more stress-free life!  If you’re not sure how to make your assets last a lifetime, you may want to schedule an appointment with Rise Financial Group to put together your Asset Map.  It will help paint a more clear picture of where funds will be used later in life.  It is a simple process and sheds a little light on the costs and expenses you will incur during retirement.  We depend on high quality companies to help put financial plans together for our clients.  Companies such as Annexus Group located in Arizona, Nationwide Financial located in Columbus, Ohio.  We also use other top-rated companies who have put together Advanced Consulting Groups exclusively to help plan your future at no cost to you!  Many of our clients have unexpected expenses and we help uncover what those can be.  For instance, most folks don’t know that they should allocate about $1,000 per month for their Medicare Supplement plans and Part D Prescription Plan/medication costs.  Taxes are another unknown expense.  Most would assume that taxes would be lower in retirement right?  Not always the case.  We work with you to implement Social Security Maximization strategies so you use less of your money in retirement and more “other” money.  Also, Social Security is a tax-advantaged income source that is often overlooked.  These are just a few things Rise Financial is about, we HELP people retire and we look forward to sitting down and helping you very soon!

You have a bright future ahead…

Retirement Future is bright

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